Satyanarayan Puja/Homa

Satyanarayan Puja/Homa
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Milestones are celebrated and desires wished for during Satyanarayan Puja/Homa.

A devotee seeks the blessings of Lord Vishnu for the fulfilment of his desires by doing a Satyanarayan Puja/Homa.

This Puja/Homa can be done while making a request to God or on its fulfilment. Successes in education, career, marriage, new property or vehicle, starting a new business are all common requests at a Satyanarayan Puja/Homa. Satyanarayan Puja/Homa is also conducted for the speedy recovery of a sick family member or loved one.

Every year people perform this Puja/Homa to maintain a good life, happiness, prosperity as well as the health of the family. And all blessings are sought at this yearly Puja/Homa.
Main Objective of Puja – For fulfilling Wishes and Desires
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