Sri Banke Bihari Temple Vrindavan

Presenting Puja at Sri Banke Bihari Temple this Holi 2016

This holi brings you opportunity to offer your prayers to Lord Krishna.

We bring you puja and prasad from Sri Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan.

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Banke Bihari is another name given to Shri Krishna, Banke means "bent in three place" and Bihari means "supreme enjoyer". As the idol of Sri Krishna is bent at three places hence the name Banke Bihari was given to Sri Krishna. There is another popular meaning of Banke Bihari, one who moves or dwells in the forest. 'Ban' or 'Van' means forest and 'Bihari' means 'one who roams'.

Banke Bihari temple is located in famous city of Vrindavan in the Mathura district of India. Swami Haridas, guru of famous singer Tansen, built this temple. It is said that one day Swami Haridas was passing through this area and he became tired, so he decided to rest and fell asleep. In his dream he saw Shri Krishna telling him that there is an image buried in that area. After waking up, Swami Haridas dug the ground and found the image of Sri Krishna. Swami Haridas then constructed temple at the same location, which is now known as Sri Banke Bihari Temple.

Same image is still treasured at Sri Banke Bihari temple. Apart from this image at the temple, the idol of Sri Krishna at Banke Bihari temple is half body male and other half female that means right side of the body depicts Sri Krishna and left side of the body depicts Radha (Sri Krishna's favorite Gopi).

During the month of Shravana i.e. from July-August, a swing festival of Lord Krishna called Jhulan Yatra is held. In this festival, a number of silver-plated and solid silver swings are shown all over. On the main day of Jhulan Yatra Banke Bihari is placed on a golden swing (hindola).

Once in a year in this temple mangala-aarti is held. The lotus feet of the Banke Bihari can be seen only on this day. This aarti is held on Akshaya Tritiya.

In the entire temple there is no bell, as Banke Bihari did not like sound of bells, you can only find chanting of 'radhe shyaam' everywhere.

Significance of Banke Bihari Temple:

One who devotes himself to Banke Bihari finds eternal bliss and calm, one is deprived of all his misery, hence this temple is of utmost importance to Hindu as well as many foreign disciples of Lord Krishna.

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Dheri poojan
Description – This is mukhya (main) puja at the temple of Sri Banke Bihari ji. In this puja pundi..
Itra Seva or Anga Seva
Itra is extensively used in daily sewa in the temple all around and is considered to be a very sp..
Mukut Seva
Mukut Seva – is offering mukut (crown) to Shri Banke Bihari Ji. Mukut of Bihari ji has silver des..
Poshak Seva
It is offering poshak (clothes) to Bihari Ji, poshak (dress) of Bihari Ji is specially made for h..
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