Sri Siddhi Vinayak Puja

Sri Siddhi Vinayak Puja
Sri Siddhi Vinayak Puja
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Sri Siddhivinayak gives out success, wealth and wisdom benevolently. It is believed that Lord Ganesh is extremely kind hearted and lively.

Success of a new project or in a new job is ensured by worshipping Lord Ganesh. Prayers and Offerings are also made to ask for continuity in success of an existing and running project or job.

Ganapati Homa and Aradhana are also performed at birthdays and before weddings. After this homa, weekly Puja/Homa is held on your behalf for next 1 month. All family members can be added in a single puja request.

Main Objective of Puja – For success and good luck also for being blessed with a Child

Prasad Delivery Time – Upto 3 weeks with Normal Post and upto 10 days by Speed Post

Price – USD 111, Normal Post USD 10, Speed Post USD 25 (Optional)

Puja for Problems Sri Siddhi Vinayak Puja is also beneficial for couples looking for being blessed with a child
Puja for Benefits Sri Siddhi Vinayak is said to be vighna harta, his puja also removes all hurdles and wishes one with luck (bhagya) & prosperity
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