Durga Saptashati Paath

Durga Saptashati Paath
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Description – Durga Saptashati consists of 13 Chapters and more than 700 slokas or mantras. Reading of these shloka's is known as Durga Saptshati path. It is best to perform this path on the 9th day of navratri. This ritual is believed to be very effective to fulfil one's desires and wishes.

Main Objective of the Puja –

  • For happiness, health, wealth and overall prosperity in life.
  • For self confidence, right and active decision making.
  • To overcome obstructions, troubles & enemies.
  • Beneficial for those who face problems on account of nightmares or supernatural problems.
  • Studies, good marks & success in career
  • Those who suffer from diseases of Lungs, Eyes pain, Skin Disease & Body Ache and overall better health
Paath will be performed by knowledgable and skilled priests (pujaris) in strict accordance with Vedic rituals. 
The schedule for path is as follows 

Day 1 – Ghatsthapana-Shailputri Pujan
Day 2 – Chandra Darshan- Brahmchrini Pujan
Day 3 – Sindoor Tritiya-Varad Vinayak Chauth- Kushmanda Pujan
Day 4 – Upang Lalita Vrat- Skandmata Pujan
Day 5 – Saraswati Awahan- Katyayani Pujan
Day 6 – Saraswathi Puja - Kaal Ratri Pujan
Day 7 – Saraswathi Puja ends – Mahagauri pujan
Day 8 – Saraswati Visarjan - Mahanavami

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