Katyayni Jaap (Maa Katyayni)

Katyayni Jaap (Maa Katyayni)
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Description – Maa katyayani is one of the incarnations of goddess durga and worshipped on the 6th day of navratri. Maa katyayani gives relief to her devotees from the troubles and sufferings from their life. The yogis and sadhakas for getting the agya chakra worship her. Their worship is in the form of penance. She enlightens the senses of her devotees and set them free from all sufferings.

Maa katyayani is the daughter of maa durga, a loving daughter and the epitome of love. She is peace loving but will not hesitate to stand against the wrong things and evils. She always rises up in anger to protect dharma. It is believed that she always fight with the evils and bad entities.

Maa Katyayni Jaap is beneficial for people facing hardships & problems in their life, performing this jaap gives instant relief from one’s sufferings.

Paath is be performed by knowledgable and skilled priests (pujaris) in strict accordance with Vedic rituals.

Main Objective of the Puja – To clear hardships and problems in life.

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