Vishnu Sahstra Naam Paath

Vishnu Sahstra Naam Paath
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Description – Lord Vishnu represents the protective aspect of supreme god. He symbolises the intellectual aspects and the desired feelings of life such as love, kindness, compassion through his body posture. His wife is goddess laxmi and not only represents material wealth but also showers courage, valour, offspring’s, success, luxury in life, eternal bliss while lord Vishnu represents the supreme reality and known as the lord of protection and maintenance.

Significance of Vishnu sahasranaam paath - Devotees worship lord Vishnu for getting blessed with long life. The lord Vishnu bestows them with a happy married life too. This paath reduces the effects of negative energy and kills the evils coming in the path of devotee’s life.

It is written in the scriptures that the puja of Vishnu sahasranaam is believed to confer manifold benefits on those who chant it. It is revealed by Bhishma on his deathbed in the Mahabharata to the pandava. The first 13 stanzas of saahasranaam strota is the conversation between bheeshma and yudhishtira while next three are customary dhyaan verses. The great Indian Hindu philosopher Adi Shankaracharya has written the word-to-word meaning of the 1000 names of Vishnu, which are present in the sahasranaam strota.

The paath of vishnu sahasranaam is done on Wednesday followed by the rituals and vedic texts. This is a shodashopachaar paath and performed under the guidance of trained Brahmin with certain sankalp made by the devotee. The puja includes the recital of purush sukta mantra, vishnu sukta, naraynopanishad and 1008 names of lord Vishnu. The paath is done with purity of soul and mind seeking for the truth of life and salvation.

Main Objective of paath - Those who perform paath of vishnu sahasranaam with full devotion and faith would be able to acquire happiness, patience, courage, memory, fame and peace of mind. This paath is done by all, who are seeking for the happiness and desired goal in their life. Those who are looking for the peace and happy married life also go for this puja. The puja helps in generating the positivity in the environment after destroying the negative ones.

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