Yagya for removal of Shani Sadhe Saati

Yagya for removal of Shani Sadhe Saati
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Description – Shani (Saturn) is considered as guru planet / planet of lesson and has high impact on an individual’s astronomical charts (kundali). It is said that a favorably placed shani in kundali brings strong career, wealth and healthy life, however if shani is at a wrong place in kundali, it brings restrictions and misfortunes in life.

To overcome one of the most malefic effect of shani also called as Sadhe Saathi (as it is expected to effect one for seven and half months or years) our pujari at ishwarbhakti performs this yagya with proper Vedic rituals to provide maximum benefits to the person suffering from it. Entire puja is conducted as per the details given to ishwarbhakti pujaris

Main Objective of the Puja –

  • Increase positive effects of shani by strengthening benefic aspects of shani
  • Success in every area of life
  • Helps in achieving raj yoga through complete blessings of shani

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