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Ashwini Sharma

Ashwini is working as Sr. VP for an MNC bank in Singapore and has 10 yrs of corporate work experience in Blue chip organisations like Credit Suisse and HSBC behind him. An IIM Graduate and a religious person, he has a vision of supporting Hindu devotees across India and the world to achieve their spiritual goals.

Himansshu H Singh

Himansshu is a technical graduate & an ardent Software Engineer who realized his dream to become a Web Architect by launching his own venture Prior to this, he was employed with leading MNCs in the software arena. He is Technology Chief of Ishwar Bhakti & wants to contribute to the noble cause of making religious pursuits of all Hindu devotees across the globe accessible.

Online Puja - Operations Team

Online Puja operation team consists of handpicked people for their integrity and religious bent of mind. Any person who didn’t align with the value system of the organisation was considered a misfit

Pujari ji/Head Priests

Pt. Ram Shukla

Pt. Ram Shukla (42) is Sahitya Shastri from Sanskrit Vishya vidyalay, Varanasi. He hails from Chitrakut (Near Tulsi Das’ Birth Place). He is presently the Head priest of Sri Hanuman Mandir in Bhilai (Durg). He has 21 yrs of experience as a priest,

Online Pujari
Pundit Ram Shukla Performing Puja in a Temple

out of which 19 has been as the head priest. He is very well renowned and respected in Chattisgarh region for his knowledge and devotion to God and religion.

Pt. Chander Shekhar

Pt. Chander Shekhar (45) from Chennai has passed Ved degree from Sanskrit Ved Agman Patshala Ved Mantras from Chennai. Presently the head priest of Ganesha Temple in Bhilai(Durg).

Chander Shekhar Performing Puja in a Temple
Pundit Chander Shekhar Performing Puja in a Temple

He has extensive experience of conducting Pujas in and around chattisgarh, especially in Sanskit. A known and respected figure, he has kindly agreed to provide his services and be part of our panel of priests.

Head Co-ordinator – Mr. Kiran Kumar Sharma

Mr Kiran is retired employee of Bhilai Steel Plant. He has 38 years of operational experience in the IT department. He has been the recipient of multiple awards from SAIL for his dedication and excellence in work. Some of his major awards are -

  • Nehru Award for Team excellence
  • Jawahar Lal Nehru Award for Personal excellence

He is responsible for centrally coordinating all the Pujas and Offerings

Team Lead (Vaishno Devi) – Rohit Raina

Mr. Rohit is an entrepreneur in Computer Hardware space. Born in Kashmir village Anant Nag/Salia, Rohit is a religious person and the best pair of hands for conducting Pujas at Vaishno Devi.

He is responsible for execution of all Pujas and offerings at Vaishno Devi - Katra.


Team Lead (Siddhi Vinayak) – Ashish Sharma

Ashish is a young Investment banker with 8 yrs of experience. He has strong spiritual bent of mind and is a devout Hindu himself. He has kindly agreed to support Siddhi Vinayak Operations for us.

He looks after execution of all Pujas and offerings at Siddhi Vinayak - Mumbai.


Team Lead (Tirupathi) – K SuryaNarayana

Mr. Suryanarayana has worked as a Chief Accountant in Mittal group of industries, Hyderabad for 25 years and has retired recently. He has a spiritual bent of mind and is pursuing “Pourohityam & Astrology” as a hobby. Working as a priest in Santoshi mata devalayam (Voluntary) he is moving to Tirupati to perform workshop related to astrology. He will be organising the Puja’s at Tirupati temple.

He is responsible for execution of all Pujas and offerings at Tirupathi.


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