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Hinduism tells us that God is not accessible to us via our normal senses. We cannot see, touch, hear taste or smell him, as ordinary senses of simple people tend to wander. Divine worship (Puja) helps to bring God within our acceptable realm by making him more accessible to us. We can see the idol or image used for worship, touch it while praying (applying kumkum or during abhishek) taste the Prasad from the puja, smell the agarbatti and dhoop used in puja. By bringing together these elements in a puja, a focus is formed, which is held together by belief and practice. The rituals serve the simple objective of bringing spiritual thoughts in our mind creating positive energies that keep us going, even when times were tough. A puja may also be conducted on behalf of a worshipper by a priest.

Puja can be performed by an individual or in larger groups. Pujas are routinely done on the behalf of family members and loved ones in temples, wherein the priest does the puja for the person even if he/she is not present. As puja usually follows a certain sequence of predestined steps people prefer letting a priest perform the puja on their behalf, as a priest is well versed in the process and is a well known authority on the subject. Puja done correctly on someone’s behalf will get just as much benefits to a worshipper as a puja done by the worshipper in person.

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